Why I am the Favorite Uncle

I am the favorite uncle of my nephews and nieces. Well, I have a secret and today, I’m going to share that secret with all of you. All of my cousins are always asking me about my my secret source for the best Christmas toys. My secret sauce is the website www.Christmastoysite.com. This website has enabled me to talk in depth about various hot toys with my nephews and nieces and now I am the go to guy for advice on the top toys for Christmas 2015.


I came across this site by chance. Just like everyone else, I also spend a lot of time on various social media sites and this website was shared by one of my friends as the go-to site for Christmas toy shopping. I decided to check it out and I was completely floored.

No Advertisements

It is a very clean website and it does not have any kind of advertisements. I hate websites that show hundreds of ads and completely ruin the browsing experience. Well, this website is completely different and is very easy to navigate and move around.


The first thing you come across on this website is the navigation bar that lists the top toys for boys and girls in separate categories. In addition to the top toys list for boys and girls, there is also an additional list for the top toys combining the boys and girls lists.

Age Categories

The right-hand sidebar has all the toys divided into various age categories. The categories are:

Toys for toddlers: This category lists toys for kids up to 3 years of age.
Toys for preschool kids: This category has toys for kids from 3 to 5 years of age.
Toys for middle childhood: This category has toys for kids from 6 to 8 years of age.
Toys for older children: This category lists down various toys for children above eight years of age.

In addition to the age categorization, they also have a separate page maintained for the top 10 toys for 2014. The manager of the website is continuously updating this website with all the latest toys released by manufacturers for this Christmas.

You will also find various articles listing the top Christmas toys by various retailers such as Target Christmas toy list 2014, Walmart holiday top toys for 2014, Argos Christmas toy list for 2014 and Toys “R” Us Christmas toys 2014. These articles detail the toys that have been listed by these retailers as the top-selling toys this Christmas.

Detailed Toy Reviews

Annette is the manager of this website. She’s a product designer and also a mom to two wonderful boys. They review each of the toy listed on this website and give their detailed feedback. I find the detailed reviews of each toy very useful.


For instance, I wanted to check out the features for one of the bestselling toys this Christmas for girls, the Barbie Color Changing Bag. On the review page, I found that this bag can match 100 different shades and it can be switched between various different styles. The kids can also change the color of the bag to match their various outfits. Also, this bag requires three AA batteries and it is suitable for children above three years of age.

I did a search online for review of this bag and there was no other website that listed all of the features and specifications of this bag in such a detailed manner.

Needless to say, I am thoroughly impressed. This website has everything one can ask for. I have already made my mind about the toys I’m going to gift this Christmas and I found all the toys on this website. So, if you also want to be the favorite uncle or the best dad, check out this website and buy the latest Christmas toys before they sell out.

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